Appearance characteristics of sulfur

The appearance of this nonmetal is pale yellow, which is very light and soft. This element has a specific smell when combined with hydrogen, which is similar to the smell of rotten eggs. [9] Sulfur burns with a blue flame and emits a strange smell (see the picture). Sulfur does not dissolve in water, but it dissolves in carbon disulfide (two carbon sulfur). [5] The usual oxidation states of this element are 2-, 2+, 4+, and 6+, which reduce 2- and 4+, and tend to reach 6+, which is more stable. and the 4+ and 6+ states do not follow the rule of eight. [10] Sulfur has multiple forms in all liquid, solid and gas states, the relationship between which is still not fully understood. Crystalline sulfur is shown as sulfur ring S8.
Polymeric sulfur nitride has metallic properties, even though it does not contain any metal atoms (it is quasi-metal).[5] This element also has unusual optical and electrical properties. Amorphous or plastic sulfur is obtained by rapid cooling of sulfur crystals. X-ray studies show that the amorphous, disordered species may have 8 atoms per star-like twist structure.
Sulfur can be obtained in two crystal states, orthorhombic (octahedron sulfur) or monoclinic crystal, the first of which is more stable at normal temperatures.[10]

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