Sulfur has many applications in free form and in combination, but its most use is for making chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industrial cycle. The most sulfur consumption in previous years was in agricultural industries and preparation of phosphatic fertilizers.
Sulfur is one of the components of gunpowder. Sulfur is also used for welding rubber. [3] Sulfur is used as a fungicide as well as disinfectant and fertilizer. Sulfur is also used to prepare sulfuric acid. [50][51] Sulfur is also used to make several The type of paper is used as a bleaching material and as an electrical insulator.
Sulfur compounds are highly toxic, for example, a small amount of hydrogen sulfide can alter the body’s metabolism, but larger amounts can quickly cause death by respiratory paralysis. Hydrogen sulfide quickly destroys the sense of smell. Sulfur dioxide is an important air pollutant. [52][53] This element is produced for industrial uses such as the production of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) for batteries, gunpowder production, and rubber heating. Sulfur acts as an antifungal agent in the production process of phosphate fertilizers. Sulfates are also used in washing and drying papers. Sulfur is also used in making matches and fireworks. Ammonium or sodium thiosulfate is used as a fixing agent in photography. Magnesium sulfate can be used as an anti-drying and laxative agent, which is a herbal magnesium supplement

Application of sulfur in agriculture
The highest consumption of sulfur in previous years was related to agricultural industries and preparation of phosphatic fertilizers. Sulfur is considered as the most important mineral needed for plant growth, and its deficiency has a bad effect on agricultural products. In this industry, sulfur is used to make chemical fertilizers healthy and nutritious, as well as to supply nutrients needed by plants from other sources.

Application of sulfur in medicine
From the use of sulfur in medicine, we can mention the production of antioxidants, anti-allergic substances and some drugs used to treat cough or bronchitis.
Application of sulfur in steel industry
Sulfur is used in the production and manufacture of stainless steel. Like production:
• 304 steel rebar
• 316 steel rebar
• 321 steel rebar
• 410 steel rebar
• 420 steel rebar
• 430 steel rebar
• 4057 steel rebar
• 309 stainless steel rebar
• 310 stainless steel rebar
• 304 steel pipe
• 316 steel pipe
• 321 steel pipe
• 309 fireproof steel pipe
• 310 stainless steel pipe
• 309 steel sheet
• 304 steel sheet
• 310 steel sheet
• 316 steel sheet
• 410 steel sheet
• 420 steel sheet
• 430 steel sheet
Other uses of sulfur:
• Fungal killer as well as disinfectant and fertilizer
• Production of gunpowder
• Its application in rubber welding
• Production of sulfuric acid
• It is used to make several types of paper, a bleaching agent and as an electrical insulator
• Production of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) for batteries
• Making matches and fireworks
• Ammonium or sodium thiosulfate as a fixing agent in photography
• Magnesium sulfate as an anti-drying and laxative agent, which is a herbal magnesium supplement
• Beauty and cosmetics

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