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An introduction to sulfur

Historically, the chain of sulfur products has been used by people for a long time. But the growth of its consumption is related to the 13th century AD. During that period, the Chinese discovered a black powder containing sulfur. With the development of chemical knowledge in the 11th century AD and its transformation into an […]

Appearance characteristics of sulfur

The appearance of this nonmetal is pale yellow, which is very light and soft. This element has a specific smell when combined with hydrogen, which is similar to the smell of rotten eggs. [9] Sulfur burns with a blue flame and emits a strange smell (see the picture). Sulfur does not dissolve in water, but […]


Sulfur has many applications in free form and in combination, but its most use is for making chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industrial cycle. The most sulfur consumption in previous years was in agricultural industries and preparation of phosphatic fertilizers. Sulfur is one of the components of gunpowder. Sulfur is also used for […]

Sulfur metabolism and sulfur cycle

The sulfur cycle was the first biogeochemical cycle to be discovered. In the 1880s, while studying Begiotoa (a bacterium that lives in sulfur-rich environments), Sergei Vinogradsky discovered that this bacterium oxidizes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as an energy source and replenishes intracellular sulfur droplets. Vingradsky named this form of oxidation metabolism of mineral compounds (inorgoxidation) and […]